Oneify the world
The Pepsi One campaign was built on the idea of "Oneify" - that bringing two unlike things together creates something new and exciting.

The advertising had a sense of mystery and whimsy, and the Oneify site was designed to be the anchor of the campaign. It explored and explained the idea of "Oneification" through characters created by respected graphic designer Geoff McFetridge, giving the site a big draw among its target audience of young trendsetters. The iconic characters were chained together in a never-ending, scrolling loop of Oneness, with playful content served up by the character's.

To make the site sticky and viral, animated webisodes of the characters were created, as well as the Oneify Hand Jive and downloadable trading cards so visitors could incorporate Oneify into their daily lives. It all added up to a very unique site, and a growing community of fans who believed in the power of One.

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