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CATEGORY_ App. TITLE_ Future Proof. TEAM_ Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
DESCRIPTION_ Having trouble keeping up with technology? Best Buy wants to help you out with an assortment of tools to keep you in sync with the fast moving world of tech. The app's Telephone Time Machine instantly transforms your mobile into a phone of any given era, a simple flick will reskin it to anything from a classic flip to a rotary-dial clunker. The Buybaculator will help you calculate how many bucks your old tech junk is worth in Buy Back gift card currency, and an upgrade checker lets you know when it's time to level up on your current mobile device.
CATEGORY_ Content. TITLE_ IdN Magazine. TEAM_ IdN.
IdN has revamped across all of it's properties, from site, to mag, to podcasts...while still serving up the same visual tastiness as it always has.
CATEGORY_ Music. TITLE_ Back To Earth. TEAM_ Cmdr Chris Hadfield.
DESCRIPTION_ The first interspace music video, with only the most relevant of song as it's content.
CATEGORY_ TRAVEL. TITLE_ For You The Traveler. TEAM_ Nabil Sabio Azadi.
DESCRIPTION_ A directory of kind people who will act as ports-of-call to travellers passing through their region bearing this guide. These people are scattered across five continents from Argentina to Norway to Kenya and beyond. They live in metropolitan cities and rural areas alike. They are metalworkers, scientists, builders, farmers, ecologists, urban designers, musicians, shipwrights, leatherworkers, political analysts and many other things. What they do have in common is that they trust you. If you share yourself with them, they will share their shelter, philosophy, and land with you.

CATEGORY_ Humor. TITLE_ Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger. TEAM_ Randall.
DESCRIPTION_ If all National Geographic specials were as fabulous as this one, we'd probably still be pursuing our childhood dreams of being a super model veterinarian astronaut. You know that chatty guy in every office that always seems to be making himself some sort of complicated coffee drink in the communal kitchen and lamenting the difficulties of sharing custody of his dog with his ex? We think he's found his new calling: Dubbing over footage of the wild honey badger with his own version of the events.
THANK YOU_ Kristi VandenBosch

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